Welcome to the new site!

Today is a little sentimental.

A year ago today, I started journaling through the details of my days, and set out on one of the most meaningful journeys of my life. A year later, I have a book to show for it. I’ll never be the same.

Today I’m launching a redesign of my website, so all of my work can finally have a place to call home. I hope to blog more regularly, organize my quote collection, offer some book recommendations and, most of all, share more.

On Expression and Sharing

If we are immersed in the work of finding expression for this life, if we wake up each morning to the possibility of discovery, not only will we have a better shot at getting something worthwhile on the page, we will simply ‘be’ better.
—Dani Shapiro,
Still Writing

Over the past year, I’ve learned some important lessons about myself and my work. The biggest lesson? I have to write. I have to get up every morning or stay up a little later each night to spend some time turning a blinking cursor into sentences and paragraphs.

Writing makes me the best version of myself. While writing is a solitary pursuit, there’s another key ingredient of expression: sharing it. I hope this site will be another way to share more, and with that, to practice a few of my key values: authenticity and vulnerability.

So take a look around the new site, visit the home page (my favorite part!) or send me a tweet.

Check out the home page

Here’s to another year of lessons and growth and doing brave things.


P.S. Thanks to my dear friend Emily Grober Trotter for my beautiful logo design, which served as inspiration for the rest of the site. She knows me too well.

P.P.S. Yes, there is a GIF library.